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Licensing Requirements

The NDRB licensing requirements are as follows.

You need a minimum of 100 hours of preparation. A minimum of 40 hours of in-class hours by a NDRB approved provider is mandatory. Copies of 25 documentations of sessions are also required. The rest of the 100 hours can be additional class hours, additional documentations, working with a licensed mentor, Bring the documentations, copies of the transcript from your class. Depending upon where you receive your education, you will have different kinds of documentation of the training you have received. The Board has decided that whatever training is submitted must relate directly to reflexology to be counted.  It is recommended that you contact Gloria Gackle if you have any questions about what will or will not be counted BEFORE taking any class or paying any money so you are not disappointed.   

Gloria Gackle
PO Box 301
102 2nd Ave. SE
Kulm, ND  58456