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Licensing, Study Guide, and Test

If you are planning to take the Reflexology test, please order the Study Guide to help you prepare. The questions come from the Study Guide. There are 100 questions in the written test. The written test represents ½ of your grade. The remaining ½ is the practical test where you will be asked to demonstrate what you have learned of Reflexology techniques and the locations of reflexes.

Send $25 to
Marnie Mohr
302 6th Ave.SW
Jamestown, ND 58401

Contact Gloria Gackle to set up a convenient time and place to take the test. When taking the test you will need to pay $150.00 for the cost of taking the test and for receiving your first license.

The license is renewable every year by the 1st of June and costs $50.00 each year.  The continuing education requirement currently is 12 CEU’s every 3 years.  The majority of CEU's should be specific for reflexology.