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Renewal of License

License Renewal:
Your Reflexology License is renewed annually before the first of June and will cost $50.00.   AFTER JUNE 1st you will be charged a late fee of $25.00.  Mail your  CEU information and checks made out to the North Dakota Reflexology Board to:

NDRB c/o Marnie Mohr
302 6th Ave. SW
Jamestown, ND, 58401
You will be reminded of the renewal time at the end of April or early in May, if we have your current email address or mailing address.

To maintain your license, you are responsible for ensuring that you have 15 approved CEU’s every 3 years.  The majority of CEU's should be reflexology specific. If you have any concerns about what will or will not be accepted it is recommended that you contact Marnie Mohr prior to taking any class or paying any money.   Please maintain copies of certificates received and send a list of them along with the number of CEU's with your renewal fee.

Some of the ways to get your CEU’s are:

Take an on-line seminar.
Take the NDRA sponsored Seminar in the fall (# depends on offering)
Be a member of the NDRA Association and attend the meetings (5)
Mentor a person who is working toward their license (1 CEU per hour worked)

If you have any questions – contact Marnie Mohr