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Education Opportunities


Educational Opportunities

Learning is a life long process.  Taking reflexology classes is an important responsibility for anyone hoping to make reflexology become more accepted and used by the public.  To be a Professional member of the Reflexology Association you must now have 300 hours of reflexology training. 

Becoming nationally certified is encouraged by RAA.  Information for becoming nationally certified can be found by going to the website for the ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board).

There are many reflexology classes that can be taken.  The NDRB and the NDRA try to bring national teachers into the area periodically, however sometimes it becomes necessary to travel to Minneapolis and other locations to take a class you may find interesting.  The best way to see what you might want to take is to go to the websites for various teachers.  Some to consider are:

The International Institute for learning the basics of reflexology in the Phase I, II, & III classes.  Joy Walterson teaches for the IIR in Fargo on a regular basis and can be reached by calling 204-867-2811 or email @ joywalterson@reflexology-usa.net.

There are many other instructors such as Bill Flocco, Lilian Morton, and Karen Ball.  Each has a website you can visit to get more information on when and where they are teaching.

You may want to consider traveling to Olympia, WA to take a 32 hour course about Cranial Sacral Reflexology on Sept. 16 - 19 th.  You can contact Holly Glennon @ 360-528-0683 or email @ bbcreflexology@gmail.con for more information.